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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Understanding early childhood teaching and learning in two Northern Arnhem Land family and playgroup contexts

  • Author: Lee, Wan Yi
  • Publisher: The University of Melbourne
  • Published: 2019

This PhD study is situated within the Australian Research Council Linkage Project ‘Building a Bridge into Preschool in Remote Northern Territory Communities (Maningrida and Galiwin’ku)’. The study aimed to improve…

Looking after Country: Towards an understanding of Indigenous perspectives on evaluating success

  • Author: Macdonald, Jennifer Mairi
  • Publisher: Charles Darwin University
  • Published: 2019

thesis advances the discussion by providing accounts of how TOs and Rangers from two ILSM groups –in the

Rural encounters with cancer: Astudy of the lived experience of people in the Central West of New South Wales

  • Author: Jones, Ruth
  • Publisher: Charles Sturt University
  • Published: 2019

This qualitative phenomenological study aims to contribute to a deeper understanding of the cancer journey in a rural context by exploring, articulating and analysing the unique challenges faced by people…

Visions and violence of policy: An ethnography of Indigenous Affairs bureaucratic reform in the Northern Territory of Australia

  • Author: Michel, Thomas
  • Publisher: University of Sydney
  • Published: 2019

blurred boundaries between intrinsic and extrinsic forces. My thesis thus assembles some minor

The development of the culture of non-Aboriginal government workers in remote Aboriginal settlements in Central Australia

  • Author: Bergen, Penelope Joan
  • Publisher: Charles Darwin University and Australian National University
  • Published: 2019

frequently changing hierarchies - that is identified in this thesis, would likely benefit from the

Potential for transmission of zoonotic helminth infections among dingoes and dogs in the Wet Tropics of North Queensland, Australia

  • Author: Smout, Felicity Angela
  • Publisher: James Cook University
  • Published: 2019

Wild dogs (dingoes, free-ranging domestic dogs and hybrids) have the potential to pose a threat to biodiversity conservation and the health of domestic animals, livestock and humans in the Wet…

Applications of information theory to economics and finance

  • Author: Singh, Ranjodh
  • Publisher: Curtin University
  • Published: 2019

(Relevant part of abstract) Finally, the thesis proposes a new method of modelling population

Barriers and facilitators to the implementation of evidence-based guidelines for the Diabetic Foot in rural and remote Western Australia using the World Health Organization Framework

  • Author: Schoen, Deborah
  • Publisher: The University of Western Australia
  • Published: 2019

Diabetes is a leading cause of lower extremity amputation in Australia. Identifying patients 'at-risk' and preventing first diabetic foot ulcer are paramount. This mixed methods study delivered a multifaceted intervention…

Understanding police-Indigenous relations in remote and rural Australia: police perspectives

  • Author: Dwyer, Anna
  • Publisher: Queensland University of Technology
  • Published: 2018

Indigenous people in Australia are vastly over-represented within the criminal justice system. While there has been fierce debate in academic circles regarding the nature of this overrepresentation, discriminatory policing practices…

Mechanistic and statistical models of skin disease transmission

  • Author: Lydeamore, Michael J.
  • Publisher: The University of Melbourne
  • Published: 2018

thesis is to develop and analyse both mechanistic and statistical models of skin sores and scabies

Allies and adversaries: categories in Murrinhpatha speaking children's talk

  • Author: Davidson, Lucinda
  • Publisher: University of Melbourne
  • Published: 2018

This thesis investigates the linguistic and cultural resources that eight Indigenous children draw

Disparities between Indigenous and non-Indigenous educational attainment: Exploring factors related to low average school NAPLAN scores in the Northern Territory

  • Author: Coleman, Rachel
  • Publisher: University of New Hampshire
  • Published: 2018

The Indigenous population is a small minority in most areas of Australia, except the Northern Territory where Indigenous people make up roughly a quarter of the population. Indigenous people have…

Regional woven distribution: A resource and needs based building strategy for the remote Northeast Arnhem Land region of Australia

  • Author: Robertson, Hannah
  • Publisher: University of Melbourne
  • Published: 2018

This thesis argues that, when reconsidered strategically, construction in remote Indigenous

Numerical and experimental study of small natural draft dry cooling tower for concentrating solar thermal power plant

  • Author: Li, Xiaoxiao
  • Publisher: The University of Queensland
  • Published: 2018

experimental tests, this thesis investigated the cooling performance of this small NDDCT in

Socio-economic, geographic, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inequalities in diabetic foot disease and diabetes-related lower extremity amputations

  • Author: Singh, Adrian
  • Publisher: Queensland University of Technology
  • Published: 2018

Background: Diabetic foot disease (DFD) is one of the leading reasons why a person with diabetes is hospitalised. These complications are the result of significant patho-physiological changes from diabetes that…

The augmented rural reality: how rural high school students’ decisions to pursue university study in digital media are ‘augmented’ by the role of life history and cultural capital.

  • Author: Turner, Krystle
  • Publisher: Queensland University of Technology
  • Published: 2018

influences include family, community, school and digital media. The thesis draws on 25 interviews conducted

Building resilience through connection: Exploring networking in remote Aboriginal tourism enterprises

  • Author: Eccles, K
  • Publisher: University of South Australia
  • Published: 2017

economic opportunities on country. This thesis examines the networking activities that underpin the

Investigations into the role of the enabling environment in supporting Indigenous economic development: A case study of remote community Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres 2007–2013

  • Author: Congreve, S
  • Publisher: Curtin University
  • Published: 2016

Investigations into the role of the enabling environment in supporting Indigenous economic development: A case study of remote community Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art centres 2007–2013

Anangu Muru Wunka - Talking Black Fella: a critical policy analysis of the Northern Territory compulsory teaching in English for the first four hours of each school day

  • Author: Oldfield, Janine Gai
  • Publisher: The University of Melbourne
  • Published: 2016

This research investigated the effects on two remote Indigenous communities of a Northern Territory (NT) of Australia education language policy, Compulsory Teaching in English for the First Four Hours of…

New World, Old Frontiers. An ecological perspective on the problem of attraction and retention of statutory child protection workers in the West Australian Department for Child Protection’s Murchison District: 2009–2012

  • Author: Collins, Maree
  • Publisher: Australian National University
  • Published: 2016

The attraction and retention of statutory child protection workers in regional, rural and remote Australia has been identified at the national and state/​territory level as a priority challenge for the…

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