About Us

We have the knowledge, expertise and networks
to connect you with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
and people living in remote Australia

Together we can create innovative, prosperous and resilient Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander
businesses and communities, and those in remote Australia.

We value cultural diversity, innovation, integrity and empathy and we respect the cultural authority of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Our dealings with all people are characterised by integrity, accountability, empathy, listening and learning.

We will exhibit courage, innovation and entrepreneurship in our work

Through our work we build relationships that improve the lives of people in remote Australia.

We are governed by a skills-based Board of Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal members.

You will find our highly experienced specialist staff in capital cities, regional centres and remote outback communities across Australia.

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About Us

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The Ninti Group

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About Us


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About Us

Our Logo Story

Our logo is based on the painting 'Two Women Learning', created by Aboriginal artist Kathleen Wallace.

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About Us


We work with more than 60 organisations across Australia.

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