Our Aboriginal Community Researchers

Our team of Aboriginal Community Researchers provides an innovative approach to research and field work. This network offers unparalleled access to the inhabitants of remote Australian communities.

Since its inception in mid-2011, we have employed more than 250 people across remote Australia as Aboriginal Community Researchers. Their on-ground presence, and understanding of local knowledge, language, customs and culture ensures a more authentic, accurate and honest engagement with community members, be it for research and evaluation, community development or communication activities.

When you engage Ninti to oversee your research project, there’s no wasting time or money trying to reach people living in remote Australia, and no second-guessing whether your investment will be worth it. Our researchers deliver the goods.

Aboriginal Community Researchers also participate in project design, execution and analysis. They are skilled in areas including governance, resource management, anthropology, business development, community-based planning, training and social analysis. Their skills also include Indigenous protocols, data collection and community engagement.

We provide ongoing training and support for our researchers.

Explore some of the projects where our Aboriginal Community Researchers have been involved.

Read some documents associated with the work of our researchers, and watch the film about jobs for remote Australia.

Aboriginal Community
Researcher Prospectus:
The key to the community intelligence of remote Australia
Aboriginal Knowledge and Intellectual Property Protocol:
Community Guide
Jobs for remote Australia
(You tube film)