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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

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Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Management and Outcomes of Prosthetic Valve Thrombosis. An Australian Case Series From the Northern Territory

  • Authors: Milne, Owen, Barthwal, Rohit, Agahari, Ian, Ilton, Marcus, Kangaharan, Nadarajah
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Published: in press

Prosthetic valve thrombosis (PVT) is an uncommon but serious cause of morbidity and mortality after cardiac valve implantation. The most common cause leading to PVT is inadequate anticoagulation. Royal Darwin…

Access to care for acute coronary syndrome in the Top End

  • Authors: Marangou, J., McMurdock, N., Wing-Lun, E., Ilton, M.
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Published: in press

Background: The morbidity and mortality due to acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in Australia is substantial. People living in rural and remote Australia and Indigenous Australians have poorer access to guideline…

The pedagogy of courage: critical Aboriginal football education in Australia’s Northern Territory

  • Authors: Knijnik, Jorge, Hunter, Jane
  • Publisher: Routledge
  • Published: 2020

This paper discusses key questions of pedagogical hope and courage through non-formal educational activities such as football. We look beyond standard assumptions of sports as a vehicle to stimulate social…

School-based intervention to address self-regulation and executive functioning in children attending primary schools in remote Australian Aboriginal communities

  • Authors: Wagner, Bree, Latimer, Jane, Adams, Emma, Carmichael Olson, Heather, Symons, Martyn, Mazzucchelli, Trevor G., Jirikowic, Tracy, Watkins, Rochelle, Cross, Donna, Carapetis, Jonathan, Boulton, John, Wright, Edie, McRae, Tracy, Carter, Maureen, Fitzpatrick, James P.
  • Publisher: Public Library of Science
  • Published: 2020

Executive functioning and self-regulation influence a range of outcomes across the life course including physical and mental health, educational success, and employment. Children prenatally exposed to alcohol or early life…

Drafting the Aboriginal and Islander Mental Health Initiative for Youth (AIMhi-Y) App: Results of a formative mixed methods study

  • Authors: Povey, Josie, Sweet, Michelle, Nagel, Tricia, Mills, Patj Patj Janama Robert, Stassi, Catherine Pumuralimawu, Puruntatameri, Anne Marie Ampirlipiyanuwu, Lowell, Anne, Shand, Fiona, Dingwall, Kylie
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Published: 2020

BACKGROUND: Culturally responsive, strengths-based early-intervention mental health treatment programs are considered most appropriate to influence the high rates of psychological distress and suicide experienced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander…

Maboo wirriya, be healthy: Community-directed development of an evidence-based diabetes prevention program for young Aboriginal people in a remote Australian town

  • Authors: Seear, Kimberley H., Atkinson, David N., Henderson-Yates, Lynette M., Lelievre, Matthew P., Marley, Julia V.
  • Published: 2020

Supporting healthy lifestyle behaviours is a key aspect of preventing type 2 diabetes which disproportionately affects disadvantaged groups from a younger age. Formative participatory research was undertaken to design a…

Pama-Nyungan grandparent systems change with grandchildren, but not cross-cousin terms or social norms

  • Authors: Sheard, Catherine, Bowern, Claire, Dockum, Rikker, Jordan, Fiona M.
  • Publisher: Cambridge University Press
  • Published: 2020

Pama-Nyungan grandparent systems change with grandchildren, but not cross-cousin terms or social norms

Fire, plant species richness and plants of significance to Australian desert Aboriginal people

  • Authors: Burrows, Neil, Rampant, Paul, Loewenthal, Graham, Wills, Allan
  • Published: 2020

A survey was undertaken in the Great Sandy Desert, Western Australia, to document changes in total plant species richness and the richness of plants of significance to Aboriginal people, with…

Carving up Australia’s arid zone: a review of the bioregionalisation of the Eremaean and Eyrean biogeographic regions

  • Authors: Ebach, M. C., Murphy, D. J.
  • Published: 2020

The Eremaean region, Australia’s arid biome and biogeographic region, has been discussed by botanists (and as the Eyrean, its counterpart for zoogeographers) for over 150 years, yet little progress was…

Dingo density estimates and movements in equatorial Australia: Spatially explicit mark–resight models

  • Authors: Gabriele-Rivet, Vanessa, Arsenault, Julie, Brookes, J. Victoria, Fleming, J. S. Peter, Nury, Charlotte, Ward, P. Michael
  • Published: 2020

Australia is currently free of canine rabies. Spatio-ecological knowledge about dingoes in northern Australia is currently a gap that impedes the application of disease spread models and our understanding of…

Preconception care in a remote Aboriginal community context: What, when and by whom?

  • Authors: Griffiths, E., Marley, J. V., Atkinson, D.
  • Published: 2020

Preconception care (PCC) is acknowledged as a vital preventive health measure aiming to promote health today and for subsequent generations. We aimed to describe the content and context of PCC…

Principles of disability support in rural and remote Australia: Lessons from parents and carers

  • Authors: Johnson, Edward, Lincoln, Michelle, Cumming, Steven
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

This study describes the understanding, experiences and expectations of families living in rural and remote Australia regarding core concepts relating to disability service provision, including person-centred practice (PCP), family-centred practice…

Exercise participation and promotion in the multiple sclerosis community; perspectives across varying socio-ecological levels

  • Authors: Learmonth, Yvonne C., Chan, Zita, Correia, Helen, Hathorn, Dave, Kermode, Allan, Smith, Catherine, Walker, Diana
  • Publisher: Taylor & Francis
  • Published: 2020

Purpose: We undertook a qualitative study that explored exercise participation and exercise promotion in the multiple sclerosis (MS) community who live in regional or remote areas of Australia. By simultaneously…

The “White Card” is grey: Survelliance, endurance and the Cashless Debit Card

  • Author: Dalley, Cameo
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

Introduced in 2016, the Cashless Debit Card (CDC) is part of a welfare policy trial designed to restrict and direct the expenditure of Aboriginal people receiving a range of government…

Anatomical aspects of xeromorphy in arid-adapted plants of Australia

  • Authors: Dörken, V. M., Ladd, P. G., Parsons, R. F.
  • Published: 2020

Plants from arid environments have some of the most diverse morphological and anatomical modifications of any terrestrial plants. Most perennials are classified as xerophytes, and have structures that limit water…

*ABA effects in kinship allomorphy & syncretism

  • Author: Truong, Tran
  • Published: 2020

Morphological contiguity domains are pockets of natural language grammar wherein formal irregularity in one component predicts co-irregularity in a related, and often more marked, component. At the surface level, they…

Decolonizing research methodologies: Insights from research on Indigenous Sign Languages of Australia

  • Authors: James, B, Adone, MCD, Maypilama, EL
  • Published: 2020

This article incorporates themes from ethnolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, sign linguistics, and decolonization of research methods. We examine a Yolŋu-led collaboration to save their endangered Yolŋu Sign Language (YSL) in Australia's…

Economic Factors Undermining National Security: Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap, Australia

  • Author: Beck, M.
  • Published: 2020

The article analyses Joint Defence Facility Pine Gap in Australia that is used by the United States to controls satellites pinpoint airstrikes around the world. The Joint Facility rises political…

“It’s all about relationships”: The place of boarding schools in promoting and managing health and wellbeing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander secondary school students

  • Authors: McCalman, Janya, Benveniste, Tessa, Wenitong, Mark, Saunders, Vicki, Hunter, Ernest
  • Published: 2020

Introduction In recent years, Australian government policies have promoted access to secondary education through boarding schools for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (hereafter respectfully termed Indigenous) students from remote communities.…

Creating place-based health and wellbeing networks in rural and remote communities

  • Author: O'Kane, Gabrielle
  • Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd
  • Published: 2020

The National Rural Health Alliance (the Alliance) released its new strategic plan 2019-20221 in September 2019, following my appointment as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in July. The strategic plan marks…

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