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Remote Australia is a vast and complex area. To create opportunity, foster social inclusion and drive economic development in this region, you need a comprehensive knowledge base to drive change.

Remote Australia Online is exactly that. It’s an online platform that delivers authoritative research on topics that impact this region and its people, including education and its pathways, policy, business, social and cultural welfare, infrastructure, communication and natural resource management.

Remote Australia Online is for those who want to delve deeper into the complexities of remote Australia: its intricate and interconnected networks, the geographical, social, cultural and environmental influences, its opportunities, challenges, and to understand just what makes this unique region tick.

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Songs from the Stations: Wajarra as sung by Ronnie Wavehill Wirrpnga, Topsy Dodd Ngarnjal and Dandy Danbayarri at Kalkaringi

  • Authors: Turpin, Myfany, Meakins, Felicity
  • Publisher: Sydney University Press
  • Published: 2019

much understanding’.This book is about such songs, in particular those known by Gurindji people at

Remote freedoms: Politics, personhood and human rights in Aboriginal Central Australia

  • Author: Holcombe, Sarah E.
  • Publisher: Stanford University Press
  • Published: 2018

. Based on field research with Anangu of Central Australia, this book investigates how universal human

Australian Native Title Anthropology: Strategic Practice, the Law and the State

  • Author: Palmer, Kinglsey
  • Publisher: ANU Press
  • Published: 2018

from anthropological expertise. This is a book about the practical aspects of anthropology that are

Australia's Rural, Remote and Indigenous Health

  • Author: Dade-Smith, Janie
  • Publisher: Elsevier
  • Published: 2018

This book is a practical guide to the delivery of health care in rural and remote Australia

Labour force mobility in the Australian resources industry - socio-economic and regional impact.

  • Author: Haslam McKenzie, F.M.
  • Publisher: Springer
  • Published: 2016

This book addresses the socio-economic impacts of rapid economic development due to a global mining

Remote Avant-Garde: Aboriginal Art under Occupation

  • Author: Biddle, Jennifer L.
  • Publisher: Duke University Press
  • Published: 2016

Remote Avant-Garde: Aboriginal Art under Occupation

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Principles of Enterprise Clustering

  • Author: Jacobsen, D
  • Publisher: CRC for Remote Economic Participation
  • Published: 2016

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people operating tourism enterprises in remote Australia have increasingly recognised the benefits of working with each other and forming enterprise clusters in the bush. Working…

Internet on the outstation: the digital divide and remote Aboriginal communities

  • Authors: Rennie, Ellie, Hogan, Eleanor, Gregory, Robin, Crouch, Andrew, Wright, Alyson, Thomas, Julian
  • Publisher: Institute of Network Cultures
  • Published: 2016

This book provides a new take on the digital divide. Why do whole communities choose to go without

Better than welfare? Work and livelihoods for Indigenous Australians after CDEP

  • Author: Jordan, Kirrily
  • Publisher: ANU Press
  • Published: 2016

focus of intense political contestation that culminated in its ultimate demise. This book examines

They came to Murramarang: a history of Murramarang, Kioloa and Bawley Point

  • Authors: Bruce Hamon, Alastair Greig, Sue Feary
  • Publisher: ANU Press
  • Published: 2015

Bruce’s engaging prose with additional chapters relating to Bruce’s life, the writing of the book

Climate change: Learning about what is happening with the weather in central Australia

  • Authors: Meg Mooney, Fiona Walsh, Ro Hill, Jocelyn Davies, Ashley Sparrow, Central Land Council Lytentye Apurte Rangers
  • Publisher: CSIRO
  • Published: 2014

This book has been written for Indigenous communities and others to learn more about climate change

Leadership: Theory and Practice

  • Author: Northouse, P.
  • Publisher: Sage Publications
  • Published: 2013

Leadership: Theory and Practice

Food and other gardens in and about remote communities. A guide-planning considerations and project opportunities

  • Author: Fawcett, Anthea
  • Publisher: Remote Indigenous Gardens Network
  • Published: 2013

This guide has been prepared primarily for community development practitioners and policy and program officers involved in developing garden projects or assessing funding submissions and project reports. We also hope…

Aboriginal Art - 3rd Edition

  • Author: Caruana, Wally
  • Publisher: Thames and Hudson
  • Published: 2012

This concise survey showcases the work of Australia's indigenous artists from all parts of the continent. From Arnhem Land and the desert, the Kimberley and northern Queensland, to modern towns…

Quality Education for Sustainable Development: An educator handbook for integrating values, knowledge, skills and quality features of Education for Sustainable Development in schooling

  • Author: de Leo, JM
  • Publisher: UNESCO APNIEVE Australia
  • Published: 2012

curriculum This book is based upon a doctoral thesis presented to the University of Adelaide

Social Research

  • Author: Sarantakos, S.
  • Publisher: Palgrave Macmillan
  • Published: 2012

Part. 1. Foundations of social research 1. Introduction 2. Varieties of social research 3. Feminist research 4.Principles of social research Part 2. Research planning 5. Research design 6. Initiating social…

Learning spaces: Youth, literacy and new media in remote Indigenous Australia

  • Authors: Kral, Inge, Schwab, Robert G (Jerry)
  • Publisher: Australian National University E-Press
  • Published: 2012

commentary is unrelentingly bleak. While we recognise the challenges young people face, in this book we

Indigenous Research Methodologies

  • Author: Chilisa, B
  • Publisher: SAGE Publications
  • Published: 2012

Indigenous Research Methodologies

Talk, text and technology: Literacy and social practice in a remote Indigenous community

  • Author: Kral, I
  • Publisher: Multiligual Matters
  • Published: 2012

Talk, Text and Technology is an ethnography of language, learning and literacy in remote Indigenous Australia. This study traces one Indigenous group from the introduction of alphabetic literacy in the…

Aboriginal people and their plants - 2nd Edition

  • Author: Clarke, P.
  • Publisher: Rosenberg Publishing Pty Ltd.
  • Published: 2011

Aboriginal people and their plants - 2nd Edition

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