Using FarmMaps 4D to improve management of Indigenous pastoral infrastructure

Using FarmMaps 4D to improve management of Indigenous pastoral infrastructure Conference Proceedings

Australian Rangeland Society 19th Biennial Conference: Transition to Transformation

  • Author(s): Joel Dillon, Peter Cunningham
  • Published: 2017
  • Publisher: Australian Rangeland Society

Abstract: The Indigenous Land Corporation (ILC) assists Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to acquire and manage land to achieve economic, environmental, social, and cultural benefits. To support this the ILC maintains a spatial database of property infrastructure information, including property layout, fencing, waterpoints, and other features, for more than 160 Indigenous and ILC-held properties across Australia. The quality and consistency of this information varies depending on information availability and managers, limited access to the information on remote properties or ability to improve it. To address these issues, the ILC, through its wholly owned subsidiary the Australian Indigenous Agribusiness Company (AIA) [formerly National Indigenous Pastoral Enterprises (NIPE)]1, started a project in 2016 to develop detailed property infrastructure information using its in-house Indigenous mapping capability, starting with fifteen NIPE-managed properties. The FarmMap 4D (FM4D) online application [formerly known as the NRM Spatial Hub]2was used to deliver information to the remote property managers. Managers can use FM4D to dynamically view and overlay map layers, and generate maps and reports, to support more effective land management and planning. This single source of information is accessed by project managers, contractors, and property managers alike. But how did the ILC develop its property information, how is the ILC using the FM4D, and what are the ILC’s plans for the future? Moreover, how is this project improving the ability of the ILC and AIA to deliver benefits to Indigenous people?

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