Social Impact of Mining Survey: Aggregate Results Queensland Communities

Social Impact of Mining Survey: Aggregate Results Queensland Communities Report

  • Author(s): Carrington, K., Pereira, M.
  • Published: 2011
  • Publisher: Queensland University of Technology School of Justice,

Abstract: On 7 March 2011, a research team at Queensland University of Technology, led by Professor Kerry Carrington launched a study into the social impact of mining in Queensland ( i The study surveyed perceptions about how mining projects reliant on a non-resident workforce, are impacting on Queensland mining communities. Only those aged 18 or over who either live or work in a community or region impacted by mining development were eligible to participate – this included non-resident workers. Perceptions about the impact on local economies, employment, the provision of social services and recreational activities, housing, community safety, crime, lifestyle and overall community wellbeing were surveyed. Social impacts, such as the impact on housing and rental affordability, can be triangulated with supporting data. However other social impacts (such as impacts on lifestyle, sense of community safety and wellbeing) are less tangible and perceptions offer the only guide to measuring their social consequences. In the qualitative responses to the survey the impacts of non-resident work arrangements on non-resident workers and their families emerged as a key issue, as did expectations about the role of government in mitigating adverse social impacts. These issues form a major part of the discussion in this report.

Notes: ISBN: 978-0-9871533-1-9

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