Settlement: A History of Australian Indigenous Housing

Settlement: A History of Australian Indigenous Housing Edited Book

  • Author(s): Read, P.
  • Published: 2000
  • Publisher: Aboriginal Studies Press
  • ISBN: 0855753633

Abstract: This book traces the history of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander housing from the multiplicity of shelters used in pre-invasion times to the extraordinary cottages built by Victorian missionaries, through to the dreaded children's dormitory to the compound and its horrors of disease and overcrowding. Modern themes are also explored - gendered housing, family-friendly prisons, self-built houses, government programs, and advanced designs for health and durability. Contents PART I Settlement: Present and Past 1 Lifescape and Lived Experience / Helen Ross 2 The Way It Was: Customary Camps and Houses in the Southern Gulf of Carpentaria / Paul Memmott PART II Settlements of Enclosure 3 Space and Time at Ramahyuck, Victoria, 1863–85 / Bain Attwood 4 Freedom and Control on the Southern Institutions, New South Wales, 1879–1909 / Peter Read 5 Labour, Control and Protection: The Kahlin Aboriginal Compound, Darwin, 1911–38 / Samantha Wells 6 Aboriginal Shelters and the National Hookworm Campaign, Queensland, 1909–24 / Gordon Briscoe 7 Housing and Colonial Patronage, Alice Springs, 1920–65 / Tim Rowse PART III Settlement and Government 8 The Commonwealth Government and Aboriginal Housing, 1968–81 / Jeremy Long 9 The House and the Yupukarra, Yuendumu, 1946–96 / Cathy Keys 10 Savagery and Urbanity: Struggles over Aboriginal Housing, Redfern, 1970–73 / Kay Anderson 11 Towards Aboriginal Management of Aboriginal Rental Housing, Melbourne, 1960–89 / Penny Tripcony 12 A View of Tasmanian Aboriginal Housing, Launceston and Hobart, 1970–79 / Kaye Price 13 Two Generations of Housing in the South and Mid-west, Western Australia, 1960–95 / Rod Little Part IV Unsettlement 14 The Tin Camps: Self-constructed Housing on the Goodooga Reserve, New South Wales, 1970–96 / Stephanie Smith 15 Housing for Health: Principles and Projects, South Australia, Northern Territory and Queensland, 1985–97 / Paul Pholeros, Paul Torzillo and Stephan Rainow 16 Lock Hospitals, Prisons and Indigenous People, Queensland and Western Australia, 1906–98 / Karl Eckermann 17 A Self-help Approach to Remote Area Housing, St Paul’s Village, Moa Island, Torres Strait, 1986–92 / Paul Haar Part V Future Settlement 18 Understanding the Past, Looking to the Future: The Unfinished History of Australian Indigenous Housing / Will Sanders

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