Mental health and mining: Research challenges and influences

Mental health and mining: Research challenges and influences Book Section

Located Research: Regional places, transitions and challenges

  • Author(s): James, Carole L., Rich, Jane Louise, Kelly, Brian
  • Secondary Author(s): Campbell, Angela, Duffy, Michelle, Edmondson, Beth
  • Published: 2020
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • ISBN: 978-981-32-9694-7

Abstract: In Australia and internationally, rural-based industries are an important component of the national fabric, with meaningful contributions to socio-cultural, environmental and economic factors. Resources-based industries such as mining, gas, petroleum, and primary industries including agriculture play a particularly important role in this contribution both in the region they are situated but also nationally and internationally. Yet, it is often those in rural communities that are significantly impacted by economic downturns, environmental stressors such as drought, isolation and limited access to health services. It is important to acknowledge the role that industry can have in both contributing to the economy and also in supporting the health and wellbeing of those in their communities, including employees. The mining industry has been in sharp relief with a focus on the health of its workers who work long shifts, perform repetitive tasks and are often living a long way from family or friends. This chapter explores research challenges that face both industry and academics as they address issues of mental health and healthy lifestyle behaviours in the mining industry. Focusing on research that began in 2014 with the Centre for Resources Health and Safety and the Australian Minerals Council, the chapter examines the importance of working with industry partners and communities, the significance of face-to-face engagement with companies, methodological challenges of researching in regional areas and often in very remote locations, as well as intervention options and outcomes.

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