Learning partnerships for success

Learning partnerships for success Conference Paper

AVETRA 13th Annual Conference

  • Author(s): Alicia Boyle , Ruth Wallace
  • Published: 2010

Abstract: A review of the past two decades of research related to Indigenous vocational education and training (VET) in Australian contexts identified the limited degree of systemic change in Indigenous workforce outcomes. Our review of the research, did however, identify a range of projects and examples of training design and pedagogy that did have a positive impact on workforce outcomes. Making systemic and sustainable changes in Indigenous workforce and training outcomes is based on learning from the examples of good practice and developing a vision for the whole learning continuum. This learning continuum addresses systemic issues while simultaneously retaining the flexibility to be contextualized and led locally. This paper reports on a multiple case study analysis that explored the various elements in the continuum of learning partnerships. Each project focused on different elements including community engagement, governance, cultural protocols, use of technology, embedded literacy and numeracy, enterprise development and reporting benchmarks. The paper identifies the concepts that underpin a sustainable learning partnership across the learning continuum and the aspects of policy, evaluation and funding that need consideration for sustainable and scalable VET learning partnerships to be realised in Australian Indigenous contexts.

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