Labour force mobility in the Australian resources industry – socio-economic and regional impact.

Labour force mobility in the Australian resources industry – socio-economic and regional impact. Book

  • Author(s): Haslam McKenzie, F.M.
  • Published: 2016
  • Publisher: Springer
  • ISBN: e-Book 978-981-10-2018-6 Hardcover 978-981-10-2016-2

Abstract: This book addresses the socio-economic impacts of rapid economic development due to a global mining boom. It reviews the efforts taken by communities, governments and companies in Australia to deliver enduring benefits while minimising the negative consequences of rapid growth. In particular, the effects and tensions of new workforce arrangements, worker mobility and condensed mine life cycles on communities and economies are explored. Split into two parts, the first part of the book details various issues related to the socio-economic impacts of Labour Force Mobility and Rapid Economic Growth, while the second part focuses on measuring the socio-economic impacts of Rapid Economic Growth. Chapter contributors have technical and scientific backgrounds which have been informed by social perspectives. They understand the technical and economic spheres of the resources industries and recognize the gaps in the public policy which hinder regional economic development during a period of extraordinary growth and opportunity. The book is a useful resource for practitioners in the public policy, resources, community planning and economic development sectors as well as students in business, regional planning and human resources. Contents: 1 Long-Distance Commuting in Australia. Fiona M. Haslam McKenzie 2 The Socio-economic Impacts of Long-Distance Commuting on People and Communities. Fiona M. Haslam McKenzie 3 Analysing the Spatial Distribution of Changing Labour Force Dynamics in the Pilbara. Kate Rampellini and Bert Veenendaal 4 Reshaping Rural Communities ‘at a Distance’: The Resource Boom, FIFO and Non-mining Towns. Rachel Chapman, Matthew Tonts and Paul Plummer 5 Economic Impact Analysis in a Resource Industry Boom. Bryan M. Maybee and Daniel J. Packey 6 The Development Prospects of FIFO Source Communities. Fiona McKenzie 7 The Potential Value of Lifecycle Planning for Resource Communities and the Influence of Labour Force Mobility. Stuart Robertson and Neil Argent 8 Fly-In/Fly-Out Accommodation: Workers’ Perspectives. Anne M. Sibbel, Elizabeth Kaczmarek and Deirdre Drake 9 Aboriginal Mine Workers: Opportunities and Challenges of Long-Distance Commuting. Fiona M. Haslam McKenzie and Aileen Hoath 10 International Long-distance Commuting in the Resources Sector: Why Do Resource Workers Choose to Work in Australia but Live in Bali? Aileen Hoath and Amanda Davie

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