Transport Disadvantage and Indigenous Australians

Transport Disadvantage and Indigenous Australians Presentations

No Way To Go - Transport and Social Disadvantage in Australian Communities

  • Author(s): Currie, G, Senbergs, Z
  • Secondary Author(s): Currie, G, Stanley, J, Stanley, J
  • Published: 2007
  • Publisher: Monash University ePress

Abstract: This chapter provides a review of transport disadvantage in the context of Indigenous Australians with a more specific focus on remote Australia. It identifies transport related disadvantages associated with Indigenous communities, discusses travel behaviour pattens and identifies transport needs and problems. It discusses Aboriginal issues of disadvantage generally and how these affect access to transport. It identifies issues of Aboriginal transport disadvantage relating to life in remote regions, the importance of the motor vehicle in Aboriginal life, issues regarding access to motor vehicles, the importance of culture and the appropriateness of existing services with regard to Indigenous Australians.

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