Wrap-around Services

Wrap-around services’ – NT Department of Business

‘Wraparound services’ is the term given to additional support services provided to an individual jobseeker or job-holder, often outside of formal vocational training. These services focus on the needs of the individual and promote collaboration between other service providers.

This project explored better ways of working with employers, employment agencies and registered training organisations to develop a systemic model of wraparound service for jobseekers and job-holders in the Northern Territory. The findings emphasised the importance of formalising collaboration between existing service providers.

The demonstration project was based on four case studies and an action learning methodology that makes the project findings readily accessible to end-users.

The Wraparound Services Demonstration Model outputs are freely available through the website www.wraparoundnt.com.au. Included are a series of practical tools for improving the provision of Wraparound Services.

Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education and Ninti One worked together on the Wraparound Services Demonstration Model project, with funding from the NT Department of Business.