Ninti One Image Use Policy



Ninti One Limited is a professional services firm that works collaboratively with communities and clients to achieve positive social and economic development outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Ninti One draws on its long history of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and has developed the capacity to translate learning from this experience to a range of development contexts.

With their permission, Ninti One uses photographs of people with whom it works and seeks to ensure that each person whose photograph, video or audio (together “photos”) is reproduced by Ninti One has given their written consent for such use.

Ninti One agrees that it:

  • will not sell photos which include images of people whose photos have been taken
  • will not give permission to third parties to use images of people whose photos have been taken [without obtaining your prior written consent]
  • acknowledges any Moral Rights of the persons whose photos are taken or used and will use all reasonable efforts to ensure that there is no derogatory use of photos and there will be appropriate attribution
  • will endeavour to prevent further usage of photos when alerted to the death of the person who consented to the use of their image.

Ninti One acknowledges that copyright subsists in the photos which it uses and Ninti One does not, in seeking consent to reproduce photos, claim copyright in any works where copyright is held by others.