December 11, 2018

Using Indigenous approaches in international development

Our Ninti One Foundation recently contributed to a ‘people-to-people’ knowledge exchange by funding one of our leading Aboriginal Researchers (Sharon Forrester) to visit health workers in Port Moresby, PNG. The visit was hosted by Abt Associates, who manage some of DFAT’s biggest health projects in PNG. We also met with two Counsellors at the Australian High Commission, who were very interested in the prospect of Indigenous participation in Australia’s aid program in PNG. A small number of focused knowledge-exchange initiatives are being explored as a result of the trip.

Ninti One also developed DFAT’s first online Contractor Reporting system throughout 2018, and we have reviewed DFAT’s Partner Performance Assessment processes.

Image: Sharon Forrester in discussion with PNG health workers at the Six Mile Clinic in Port Moresby.