December 11, 2018

Strengthening aged care service delivery on Norfolk Island and Rockhampton

Ninti One has commenced a new project in the aged care sector, supporting Norfolk Island’s only aged care service provider Care Norfolk to build their capacity to meet the growing needs of the Island’s ageing population. This project builds on a similar aged care project where we are supporting the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Community Resource Agency – Rockhampton Aboriginal Corporation (AICRA) to build their capacity to meet community needs.

Funded by the Australian Government Department of Health, Ninti One is delivering these projects in partnership with the Centre for Cultural Diversity in Ageing (CCDA) and the Australian Multicultural Community Services (AMCS). This collaboration combines our experience in working with remote communities throughout Australia with CCDA and AMCS’ expertise in tailoring aged care service delivery for culturally and linguistically diverse clients.

In 2016, Norfolk Island ended a period of self-government to come under Australian legislation. As part of this move, the aged care services are now required to comply with all relevant legislation pertaining to the delivery of services. The remoteness of Norfolk Island has a direct impact on service delivery, with Care Norfolk struggling to access telehealth programs and there being limited access to specialist services or pathways for residents transitioning to residential aged care.

Image: The first is of the All Saints Church in Kingston. The current All Saints Church on Norfolk Island started out life a Commissariat store opens in 1835. After the arrival of the Pitcairn Islanders in 1856 it was converted to a church which is still used today.

Image: The small Care Norfolk car has enough room to carry a passenger in a wheelchair, and enough power to make it to the top of Mount Pitt which stands at 320 meters.