Why a book about Indigenous literacy education in Australia?

Why a book about Indigenous literacy education in Australia? Book Section

Literacy Education and Indigenous Australians: Theory, Research and Practice

  • Author(s): Harper, Helen, Rennie, Jennifer
  • Secondary Author(s): Rennie, Jennifer, Harper, Helen
  • Published: 2019
  • Publisher: Springer Singapore
  • ISBN: 978-981-13-8629-9

Abstract: This book brings together diverse perspectives about Australian literacy education for Indigenous peoples. The editors of this volume share a long history of working in Indigenous education, both as classroom teachers and as academics, and in school and tertiary settings. As non-Indigenous (Settler) academics, we acknowledge that Indigenous educational priorities ultimately need to be driven by Indigenous people, and we must enter this space respectfully. As educators we are aware of the disparate voices in literacy education generally, but the more so in the multiplicity of Indigenous contexts. We are motivated by the need to keep nudging the conversations along, as Indigenous people determine their own ways of being literate, and as educators continue to tackle the unfinished business of growing their institutions into places where Indigenous people can come to learn successfully. For any Australian teachers and researchers in the field of education, the topic of Indigenous literacy education should be particularly significant because it concerns many of our most marginalised students. It brings our attention to one of our deepest national educational dilemmas, namely, who gets to participate fully in which education.

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