Vocational education and training in rural and remote Australia

Vocational education and training in rural and remote Australia Report

  • Author(s): Kilpatrick, S, Bell, R.
  • Published: 1998
  • Publisher: NCVER

Abstract: Non-metropolitan Australia is diverse in terms of population density, educational experiences of the population, occupation and industries for employment. In addition to the issues associated with the vast distances between where some Australians live and large population centres where most educational infrastructure exists, there are other differences between metropolitan and non-metropolitan Australia. Rural adults are less likely to have completed secondary school, have post-school qualifications, participate in post-school education and training (especially personal enrichment programs), be an employee, be a professional and work in manufacturing, property and business services or finance and insurance. They are more likely to be older, have left school early, be unemployed or out of the labour force, work in small business, be self-employed or an employer, be a labourer or other low-skilled occupation and work in agriculture, forestry and fishing, mining, construction or tourism. Issues for vocational education and training in rural and remote Australia relate to training outcomes; access, equity and participation; and curriculum, delivery and assessment. Within each of the three categories there are issues for individuals and businesses, locations, and the policies and providers which make up the vocational education and training system. Seven key issues and associated questions for further research can be distilled from consideration of the existing body of research within the context of non-metropolitan Australia.

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