The real ‘real’ economy in remote Australia

The real ‘real’ economy in remote Australia Book Section

Assessing the Evidence on Indigenous Socioeconomic Outcomes

  • Author(s): Altman, Jon, Buchanan, Geoff, Biddle, Nicholas
  • Secondary Author(s): Hunter, B. H.
  • Published: 2006
  • Publisher: ANU Press
  • Volume: CAEPR Monograph No. 26

Abstract: The Productivity Commission’s recent report Overcoming Indigenous Disadvantage, notes that the vision behind the report is that Indigenous people will one day enjoy the same overall standard of living as other Australians (SCRGSP 2005: 1.2). This admirable goal is a reflection of the Howard Government’s commitment to practical reconciliation; that is, to equality in health, housing, employment and education outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. The futuristic reference to ‘one day’ suggests that the goal may indeed be more visionary than policy realistic.

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  • Database Name: Jstor
  • Keywords: Socioeconomics, Employment, Indigenous peoples, Market economies, Informal sector, Feminist economics, Hunter gatherers, Sustainable economies, Native culture

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