The minerals boom and Australia’s ‘resource curse’

The minerals boom and Australia’s ‘resource curse’ Journal Article

Journal of Australian Political Economy

  • Author(s): Goodman, J., Worth, D.
  • Published: 2008
  • Volume: 61

Abstract: Resource wealth in Australia is often presented as an asset, waiting to be exploited. Reflecting this, the recent resource boom is unquestioned - indeed celebrated - as a great windfall for the Australian people. There is a broad-based assumption that Australia s resource-based economy successfully diversified in the later twentieth century, while retaining a foundation in agricultural exports, and latterly minerals. As the saying goes, the country rode to prosperity on a sheep's back , and then on the back of the mining sector. The recent resources boom may be seen as simply the latest phase in that process, pump-priming the country s twenty-first century information-age service economy.

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