Supporting wellness in the bush

Supporting wellness in the bush Conference Paper

9th National Rural Health Conference: Standing up for Rural Health - Learning from the past - Action for the future

  • Author(s): Jennifer Perino
  • Published: 2007

Abstract: In order to support wellness in the bush there is a need to address the challenges of mental health service provision in small rural remote communities. The purpose of this paper is to provide some insight into an innovative solution which grew out of the common vision shared by a group of Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services and to provide an understanding of both the structure and the model that developed out of that vision. In identifying the challenges of service provision in rural remote areas it has been well acknowledged that the populations in these areas experience a distinct health disadvantage.1 Some of the barriers are fixed and unchangeable such as geography and physical distance. Others factors such as the shortage of resources; both in the sense of funding as well as human resources often require a little creative thinking to address. Hence the availability of services, in particular the shortage of skills and expertise2 as well as issues of equity of access to health services are primary concerns in both designing and reviewing service delivery.

Notes: see also National Rural Health Conferences

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