Social Justice Report 2006

Social Justice Report 2006 Report

  • Author(s): Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Social Justice Commissioner
  • Published: 2007
  • Publisher: Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission

Abstract: The Report covers a broad range of issues extending from the local level (with Indigenous perspectives on Shared Responsibility Agreements), regional and national levels (considering the capacity for Indigenous participation and engagement in federal policy making processes), through to the international level (with a review of developments on Indigenous human rights over the past four years). It is the fourth successive Social Justice Report to substantially focus on the federal governments’ policy settings for Indigenous affairs. The 2003 report had provided a preliminary overview of the operation of the Council of Australian Government’s (COAG) eight trial sites for whole of government activity and identified some concerns about their operation and their transferability into policy more generally. The COAG trials formed the genesis of the new arrangements for the administration of Indigenous affairs that were introduced in 2004, and which were given preliminary consideration in the 2004 report. That report also noted a series of preliminary concerns that, if not addressed, could compromise the overall effectiveness of the new arrangements. The 2005 Report then considered progress in bedding down these new arrangements after twelve months of operation. It considered whether the preliminary concerns and warnings identified in the previous two reports had eventuated. It expressed serious concerns about lack of Indigenous engagement and participation in the new arrangements, and the overall lack of transparency and government accountability that has accompanied these arrangements. This Report considers progress two years into the new arrangements. It builds on the analysis of the previous three reports.

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