Rurality Bites: The Social and Environmental Transformation of Rural Australia

Rurality Bites: The Social and Environmental Transformation of Rural Australia Edited Book

  • Author(s): Lockie, S., Bourke, L.
  • Published: 2001
  • Publisher: Pluto Press
  • ISBN: 1864031697

Abstract: An overview of the extraordinary social, environmental, political and cultural changes and conflicts sweeping rural Australia. All too often, community decline, environmental degradation and agricultural restructuring are treated as separate issues. This book brings them together to identify what is behind these issues. Contents 1. Rural Australia: an introduction / L. Bourke and S. Lockie 2. Rural sociology perspectives and problems: a potted history / S. Lockie 3. 'Out there': spaces, places and border crossings / D. Stehlik 4. The rural as urban myth: snack foods and country life / J. Finkelstein and L. Bourke 5. Beyond life in 'the bush': Australian rural cultures / I. Gray and E. Phillips 6. Bush politics: the rise and fall of the Country/National Party / A. Green 7. Power and politics: Power and politics: debate over native title / V. Watson 8. One big happy family? Social problems in rural communities / L. Bourke 9. The more things change, the more they stay the same: health care in regional Victoria / Y. Collins 10. Rural communities / L. Bourke 11. Rural community development / B. Cheers and A.E. Luloff 12. The collective and individual philosophy of research relating to an indigenous nation / R. Henderson and J. Muir 13. Globalising agriculture: structures of constraint for Australian farming / P. McMichael and G. Lawrence 14. Industrialised agriculture: agribusiness, input-dependency and vertical integration / D. Burch and R. Rickson 15. Getting big and getting out: government policy, self-reliance and farm adjustment / V. Higgins and S. Lockie 16. Cultural diversity, economic change and family farming in the Australian sugar industry / J. Elder 17. Farming women and the masculinisation of farming practices / A.P. Davidson 18. A job of one's own / L. Bryant 19. Agriculture and environment / S. Lockie 20. Community development management? Landcare in Australia / S. Lockie 21. Property rights and natural resource management: tiptoeing round the slumbering dragon / I. Reeve 22. Biotechnology to the rescue? Can genetic engineering secure a sustainable future for Australia agriculture? / J. Norton 23. Positive futures for rural Australia / S. Lockie.

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