Rural tourism: A case of lifestyle-led opportunities

Rural tourism: A case of lifestyle-led opportunities Journal Article

Australian Geographer

  • Author(s): Walmsley, J.
  • Published: 2003
  • Volume: 34

Abstract: Tourism is often seen as a panacea for the ills of declining rural communities. The paper argues that there is an element of blind optimism in this view although a shift of focus from production to consumption within advanced economies like Australia's will undoubtedly provide opportunities for the development of the leisure, recreation and tourism industries, both in metropolitan and rural areas. The paper suggests that an increased focus on lifestyle will come to characterise Australia. Some rural communities will be able to capitalise on this, both for temporary visitors and for in-migration, but many will not. The well-established concepts of threshold and range, when coupled with the idea of specialisation, will have a large influence on which places 'win' and which 'lose' in any lifestyle-led and leisure-oriented society. 'Place marketing' will become increasingly important for towns competing against each other for the 'leisure and lifestyle dollar'.

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