Review of desert enterprises reliant on natural and cultural resources

Review of desert enterprises reliant on natural and cultural resources Report

DKCRC Research Report

  • Author(s): Jones, M, James, CD
  • Published: 2006
  • Publisher: Desert Knowledge CRC
  • Volume: 25

Abstract: The research project was undertaken to provide a coherent picture of the types of enterprises using cultural or natural resources that occur across desert Australia. Currently, there is no single source of information on the enterprises based on natural resources that are scattered throughout desert Australia. In providing a coherent picture, this review explores: • The diversity of enterprises that are currently active, or have been active in desert Australia • The enterprises that have been successful, and why • Where the enterprises are • As far as is possible, what connections exist between enterprises. We also set out to understand what enterprises had been tried and failed, and why, but this information proved too hard to gather with the time and resources available for the project. Literature reviews and surveys of people involved in desert enterprise networks were used as the main method for collecting information. The resulting products of the review were aimed at being used by: • Researchers in the Desert Knowledge CRC to identify opportunities for further research on sustainable use of natural resources, enterprise development and business systems and networks • Operators of small- to medium-sized (SMEs) enterprises for identifying opportunities and contacting people involved in similar activities. The scope of the review was to obtain a broad coverage of SMEs; (1) geographically across desert regions at a national-scale, and; (2) across the range of different enterprise types (i.e. industries). Given such a broad scope, the work presented in this report is not guaranteed to have identified all of the enterprises, but we believe that it does represent all of the types of enterprise that may be encountered, and it provides a good baseline for further research, and further development of a network database.

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