Rest after rainfall: the carbon grazing story

Rest after rainfall: the carbon grazing story Conference Paper

16th Australian Rangeland Society Biennial Conference

  • Author(s): Lauder, A.
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: Australian Rangeland Society

Abstract: Increasing carbon stocks is dependent upon better management of carbon flows in and slowing flows out. This relies on three strategies: 1) Focusing on the point in time when the bulk of carbon arrives (i.e. the Carbon Grazing principle). 2) Increasing the pathways by which carbon is able to enter the landscape. 3) Improving landscape resilience. How successfully plants introduce carbon into the landscape is determined by animal management. Plants and animals have evolved together and rely on each other. However, if animals dominate plants, then carbon flows and carbon stocks are reduced. In the absence of animals, plants become moribund and therefore have a lower capacity to photosynthesise.

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