Qualitative Research Interviewing

Qualitative Research Interviewing Book

  • Author(s): Wengraf, T.
  • Published: 2001
  • Publisher: Sage
  • ISBN: 0803975007 0803975015 (pbk)

Abstract: Pt. 1. Concepts and Approaches to Depth Interviewing. Interview 'Facts' as Evidence to Support Inferences to Eventual Theorisation Representation Models. Conceptual Frameworks for Studying and Inferring from (Research) Interview Interaction Practice. Models of Research Design and their Application to Semi-Structured Depth Interviewing. Lightly and Heavily-Structured Depth Interviewing: Theory-Questions and Interviewer-Questions Pt. 2. Up to the Inerview: Strategies for Getting the Right Materials. Preparing for Any Interviewing Sequence. Preparing Lightly-Structured Depth Interviews: A Design for a BNIM-Type Biographic-Narrative Interview. Preparing Moderately- or Heavily-Structured Interviews Pt. 3. Around the Interview: Contact Management - Theory and Practice. Before Making Contact and Starting the Fieldwork Phase of the Research Process. The Session Pt. 4. After the Interview: Strategies for Working the Materials. Copying, Indexing and Transcribing. Analyzing/​Interpreting Any Interview Materials: Answers to TQs. Analysing/​Interpreting SQUIN-BNIM Interview Materials: Answers to TQs Pt. 5. Comparison of Cases: From Contingencies of Cases to Types of Typologies. Resources for Typification and General-Models Within Single-Case Research. Types of Typologies Pt. 6. Writing Up: Strategies of Re-Presentation. Conceptual Frameworks for Studying and Re-presenting. Writings Up: Theorizing and Narrating in 'Presentation' Strategies. 'Writing Up' Biographic Sub-genres: Suggestions by Way of a Conclusion.

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