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  • Author(s): Journal of Indigenous Policy
  • Published: Various
  • Publisher: University of Technology Sydney

Abstract: The Journal of Indigenous Policy has been established to provide a forum for intellectual discourse on Indigenous policy development and implementation as it affects the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. It is an initiative of a group of Indigenous professionals seeking to provide opportunities for a diverse audience to access the perspectives of a wide range of authors. The most fundamental value guiding the publication of this journal is that we respect and recognise Indigenous peoples right to self-determination as they define this right for themselves, their people and their communities. Genuine exercise and enjoyment of this right on a collective level requires policy to play a crucial role. All too often, when programs designed to support Indigenous peoples advancement fail, poor policy development and implementation is a key collaborator. Recognition of the right to self-determination must also be extended to the individual. So it is, that while the Journal of Indigenous Policy maintains the highest editorial standards, this is also demonstrated in our respect for the personal choice of our contributors. For this reason readers may notice some fluctuations in the use of grammar and style by the authors. It is the aim of the JIP to become a respected contributor to Indigenous policy discourse particularly within Indigenous community based organisations. JIP does not solely publish articles that have been peer reviewed although this option is available to any contributor who so chooses.

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