Profile of businesses in desert Australia

Profile of businesses in desert Australia Report

DKCRC Working Paper

  • Author(s): Rola-Rubzen, MF, Altangerel, D, Gabunada, FM
  • Published: 2009
  • Publisher: Desert Knowledge CRC
  • Volume: 39

Abstract: The desert offers numerous opportunities for desert residents. Notably, it is endowed with rich natural resources. It has a strikingly unique landscape, vast mineral deposits and natural resources, and is rich in heritage, culture and traditional knowledge. This natural wealth offers opportunities for business enterprises in a range of industries including tourism, bush food, arts, pastoral and other commercial enterprises that service large companies operating in the desert. But what are the types of businesses in the desert? How many of these businesses are Aboriginal-owned and not Aboriginal-owned, and in what industries are these enterprises engaged? This paper presents a profile of businesses in desert Australia. The paper outlines the number of businesses1 located in Australian desert regions, the number of businesses by Aboriginal status, the types of industries and the access these enterprises have to internet facilities. The analysis is based on ABS 2006 census data.

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Rola-Rubzen, MF, Altangerel, D, Gabunada, FM, 2009, Profile of businesses in desert Australia, Volume:39, Report, viewed 02 December 2023,

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