Producing Climate Clever Beef in northern Australia

Producing Climate Clever Beef in northern Australia Conference Paper

17th Australian Rangeland Society Biennial Conference

  • Author(s): S. G. Bray, D. Walsh, R. Gowen, K. Broad, B. Daniels
  • Published: 2012
  • Publisher: Australian Rangeland Society

Abstract: Northern Australian beef businesses are currently facing a challenging time with significant pressure on profitability across all regions. Simultaneously, the community and Government are concerned about the environmental impact of the beef industry (e.g. greenhouse gas emissions). The Climate Clever Beef initiative aims to increase the adoption of practices that optimise productivity, profitability, resource condition and greenhouse gas emissions outcomes. A framework was developed which was a powerful tool to identify and analyse management options for individual beef businesses. The process enabled the identification of “win-win” management options where both profitability and greenhouse gas emissions were improved and highlighted the magnitude of any trade-offs for other management options. This paper presents a summary of three case studies from three diverse regions in northern Australia, including two examples on the impact of management options on livestock greenhouse gas emissions and one example of carbon sequestration through regrowth management. Key findings include: - Total emissions are likely to increase with property development and herd build-up. - Carbon sequestration with regrowth retention may provide opportunities. - Some management options can improve both herd efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions intensity.

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S. G. Bray, D. Walsh, R. Gowen, K. Broad, B. Daniels, 2012, Producing Climate Clever Beef in northern Australia, Conference Paper, viewed 15 August 2022,

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