People and Change in Indigenous Australia

People and Change in Indigenous Australia Edited Book

  • Author(s): Austin-Broos, Diane, Merlan, Francesca
  • Published: 2017
  • Publisher: University of Hawai'i Press
  • ISBN: 9780824867966

Abstract: Since the advent of European settlement, indigenous Australians have been subject to continual change and entrenched inequality. This has been their shared experience even as regional histories have diverged. These essays address the lives of indigenous Australians through a focus on the person. Various contexts are described including family and community groups, regional diaspora and inter-racial relations, along with a striking range of experience, from indigenous heavy metal gangs and rebellious, forthright women to the social dynamics of childhood and the effects of long-term unemployment. Issues are discussed against a backdrop of different regions including the remote north, the desert center, and the densely populated southeast of Australia.Convinced that accounts of indigenous Australians must become more dynamic and diverse, People and Change traces the development of Australianist ethnography as a tool for understanding personhood and places this research in a comparative and theoretical perspective. The collection provides new and nuanced insights on the past, the present and likely trajectories of indigenous Australians today.

Notes: Contents Front Matter Introduction People and Change in Indigenous Australia: Diane Austin-Broos and Francesca Merlan Value Chapter 1 Bold Women of the Warlpiri Diaspora Who Went Too Far: Paul Burke Chapter 2 Predicaments of Proximity: Yasmine Musharbash Chapter 3 Self-possessed: Ute Eickelkamp Histories Chapter 4 Reconfiguring Relational Personhood among Lander Warlpiri: Petronella Vaarzon-Morel Chapter 5 The Role of Allocative Power and Its Diminution in the Constitution and Violation of Wiradjuri Personhood: Gaynor Macdonald Hegemonies Chapter 6 Murrinhpatha Personhood, Other Humans, and Contemporary Youth: John Mansfield Chapter 7 Mobility and the Education of Indigenous Youth Away from Remote Home Communities: Cameo Dalley Chapter 8 We’re Here to Worship God: Carolyn Schwarz Afterword Chapter 9 Empathy, Psychic Unity, Anger, and Shame: Victoria K. Burbank

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