Partners in health to eLearning module development in rural and remote Western Australia

Partners in health to eLearning module development in rural and remote Western Australia Conference Paper

15th National Rural Health Conference: Better together!

  • Author(s): Pearson, Lesley, Hunter, Christine
  • Secondary Author(s): Coleman, Leanne
  • Published: 2019

Abstract: Partners in Health is about a collaborative relationship between the Country Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) and Country Health Service (WACHS). It explores: how a learning gap in aged care become evident and the subsequent call to action from the two agencies to address this; where collective impact was demonstrated through the development of on-line learning modules with the in-kind expertise provided through WACHS and the input for community home care through the Primary Health Network. This journey began with a need being identified in 2017 for Aged Care Unregulated Health Workers(UHW) to obtain competency in medication management in community and residential aged care. WACHS as the largest providers of Aged Care within country WA approached the WA Primary Health Alliance (WAPHA) seeking funding to support the purchase of eLearn Australia and agreement to work collaboratively in customising the E learning modules for the aged care sector in rural and remote areas. Agreed contract deliverables included: support provided to facilitate the implementation of the UHW online module with interactive content and assessment in a safe learning environment; the improvement of UHW skills and competency when assisting with medication administration. Compliance being required with the National and Safety Quality in Healthcare Service Standard 4 and Aged Care Accreditation Standard 2.7. This agreement between WACHS and WAPHA was founded on the principle that the E-learning was available for all NGO aged care providers within WA and that there was the establishment of a working group (WACHS, WAPHA and NGO) to cover a trial period over three regions of Great Southern, Kimberley and Wheatbelt. These regions were chosen due to number of Multi-Propose Service (MPS) facilities (Great Southern), the number of small residential facilities both Government and NGO (Wheatbelt) and high degree of remoteness (Kimberley). The working group supporting the E Learning modules consisted at various stages of WACHS user experts within clinical nursing, allied health, staff development, community /hospital pharmacy with a balanced lens on community and residential care. Following the trial and satisfactory evaluation within these three regions it was agreed the E Learning would progress to all the seven regions across county WA. Further to be explored in the paper Partners in Health will be the collective learning around the valued resource of collaboration in creating a Better Together! culture in the system

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