‘Only whitefella take that road’: Culture seen through the intervention at Yuendumu

‘Only whitefella take that road’: Culture seen through the intervention at Yuendumu Book Section

Culture Crisis: Anthropology and Politics in Aboriginal Australia

  • Author(s): Musharbash, Yasmine
  • Secondary Author(s): Altman, J, Hinkson, M
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: University of New South Wales Press
  • ISBN: 9781742232256

Abstract: Some of Australia's leading anthropologists put the Culture Wars under the microscope, dissecting the notion of difference and asking whether this is a useful way of looking at the problems remote Indigenous Australians face. An urgently needed dialogue, this book unflinchingly confronts the policies that have failed these communities and shows how the discipline of anthropology can still provide hope. Contents Introduction: Anthropology and the culture wars / Melinda Hinkson. Part I. The problem of recognition. • 1. Indigenous politics in late liberalism / Elizabeth A. Povinelli. • 2. National anthropologies and their problems / Jeremy Beckett. • 3. Helping anthropologists, still / Gillian Cowlishaw. • 4. The politics of suffering and the politics of anthropology / Andrew Lattas and Barry Morris. Part II. The problem of violence. • 5. The shock of the new: A postcolonial dilemma for Australianist anthropology / Marcia Langton. • 6 Child sexual abuse: The Intervention trigger Francesca Merlan. • 7. Quarantining violence: How anthropology does it / Diane Austin-Broos. Part III. Counting culture. • 8. Re-figuring 'Indigenous culture' / Tim Rowse. • 9. Is culture the problem or the solution? Outstation health and the politics of remoteness / Emma Kowal. • 10. Indigenous education and training: What are we here for? / Tess Lea. • 11. 'Only whitefella take that road': Culture seen through the intervention at Yuendumu Yasmine Musharbash Part IV. Imaging futures • 12 Media images and the politics of hope / Melinda Hinkson. • 13. Other people's lives: Secular assimilation, culture and ungovernability / Nicolas Peterson. • 14. What future for remote Indigenous Australia? Economic hybridity and the neoliberal turn / Jon Altman

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