North Australian Political Economy: Issues and Agendas

North Australian Political Economy: Issues and Agendas Edited Book

  • Author(s): Rolf Gerritsen
  • Published: 2010
  • Publisher: Charles Darwin University Press
  • ISBN: 9780980864106

Abstract: This book assembles a diverse group of scholars with long experience of analysing northern development issues. Its chapters cover the notion of development from a range of perspectives -social, cultural, economic and environmental. The papers range broadly, from trying to explain the operating processes that shape the north to analysing some of the core and crucial issues for the future of northern Australia. Readers wishing to see advocacy for damming northern rivers and pumping their waters to Australia’s southeast – or similar grandiose schemes - will be disappointed. This book dispels simple nostrums about the development of the north. This is a tough long-term task and has to be designed appropriately. That design has to take account of the singular environment, society and economy of the north. These papers go a considerable way to delineating how that singularity needs new approaches to determining development paths. Contents - Part 1: The Social, Economic and Political Nature of Northern Australia 1. The socio-economic features of northern Australia .. Silva Larson 1 2. A post-colonial model for north Australian political economy: the case of the Northern Territory .. Rolf Gerritsen 18 3. How policy development methods—together with inadequate statistics and flawed classifications—have done, and still do, distort policy implementation in northern Australia.. Dennis A. Griffith 41 4. Atypical labor markets require atypical policy solutions .. Riccardo Welters 55 5. The post-colonial state as an impediment to Aboriginal development: an Arnhem Land example .. Rolf Gerritsen 70 Part 2: Processes and Development 6. Living with work in a remote Aboriginal community .. Eva McRae-Williams 86 7. Bridging the asymmetric divide: background to, and strategies for, bridging the divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous economies in northern Australia .. Natalie Stoeckl 106 8. Mining and Aboriginal economic development: expectations unfulfilled .. Owen Stanley 130 9. Conservation in the northern deserts: issues and agendas .. Christine Schlesinger & Rolf Gerritsen 142 10. The potential for a conservation economy in the tropical savannas based on ‘payments for environmental services’ .. Romy Greiner 162

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