Negotiating Management

Negotiating Management Book Section

Working on country: Contemporary indigenous management of Australia's lands and coastal regions

  • Author(s): Baker, R., Davies, J., Young, E.
  • Secondary Author(s): Baker, R., Davies, J., Young, E.
  • Published: 2001
  • Publisher: Oxford University Press

Notes: This chapter is an introduction to Part IV of the book on Negotiating Management. It provides a good overview of this topic before the other chapters are presented. Most of the other chapters in this part VI of the book are listed separately in endnote libraries. This chapter has sections on the following: (1) Different people, different perspectives (2) Intra-Aboriginal negotiations (3) Respect and understanding (4) Resources for negotiating (5) Negotiating with country (6) Negotiating science (7) understanding people's negotiating positions (8) research to support negotiation.

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