Movement of Non-metropolitan Youth towards the Cities

Movement of Non-metropolitan Youth towards the Cities Report

Longtitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth

  • Author(s): Kylie Hillman, Sheldon Rothman
  • Published: 2007
  • Publisher: Australian Council for Educational Research

Abstract: This report focuses on a group of young people who were living in non-metropolitan areas in their final years of secondary school, and the pathways they followed in the years following secondary school, including their geographic mobility and participation in education, training and employment. Rural communities have long felt concern about the rate at which young people leave for urban areas, many never to return. This report analyses the issues involved by mapping the experiences of the same group of young people over an extended period of time. The data used in this report are drawn from the Longitudinal Surveys of Australian Youth (LSAY), which studies the progress of cohorts of young Australians as they make the transitions from secondary school to work and further education and training, beginning in Year 9. The sample for this report was selected based on their home location at the time of the survey in 1997, when the majority of the cohort was in Year 11. At that time, 5112 young people were living in areas considered to be non-metropolitan, that is, outside the major cities of Australia and their surrounding suburbs (Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth, Canberra and Brisbane). The report follows their experiences until the end of 2004, at which point their modal age was 23 years. It is the first Australian study to use a national longitudinal data set to study young people’s geographic mobility.

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