Managing Australia’s Environment

Managing Australia’s Environment Edited Book

  • Author(s): Dovers, Stephen, Wild River, Su
  • Published: 2003
  • Publisher: Federation Press
  • ISBN: 1862874476 (pbk)

Abstract: Examines Australia's resource and environmental management institutions. Managing Australia's Environment is a report card of unprecedented scope, examining Australia's resource and environmental management institutions and policies against the requirements of ecologically sustainable development. Contents PART I. INTRODUCTION. 1. Processes and institutions for resource and environmental management: why and how to analyse / Stephen Dovers PART II. SECTORAL STUDIES. Rangeland institutions over time and space/ Mark Stafford Smith and Nick Abel 3. The ocean and marine realm/ Marcus Haward - 4. Water resources management/ Dingle Smith 5. National Forest Policy and Regional Forest Agreements / Catherine Mobbs PART III. PROCESSES AND INSTITUTIONS 6.The Resource Assessment Commission: lessons in the venality of modern politics/ Clive Hamilton 7. Discrete, consultative policy processes: lessons from the National Conservation Strategy for Australia and National Strategy for Ecologically Sustainable Development / Stephen Dovers 8. Sustainable regional development: lessons from Australian efforts / John Dore, Jim Woodhill, Kate Andrews and Colma Keating 9.Informing ESD: state of environment reporting / Ronnie Harding and Denise Traynor PART IV. MANAGING, REGULATING AND MOTIVATING 10. Straddling boundaries: inter-governmental arrangements for managing natural resources / Peter Crabb 11.Legal perspectives / Gerry Bates 12. EPAs - orphan agencies of environmental protection / Peter Christoff 13. Parliamentary and intergovernmental processes/ Brett Odgers 14. Local government / Su Wild River 15. Marketisation in Australian freshwater and fisheries management regimes/ Jennifer McKay PART V. PEOPLE, POLICY AND PROGRAMS 16.Catchment management arrangements / Sarah Ewing 17. Institutions and processes for resource and environmental management in the Indigenous domain/ Kim Orchard, Helen Ross and Elspeth Young 18. The Landcare experience/ Allan Curtis - PART VI. PERSPECTIVES AND SYNTHESIS 19. The disappointment of the law / Tim Bonyhady 20.Science, research and policy/ Ian Lowe 20. Politics and policy / Robyn Eckersley 21. Economic policy and sustainable use of natural resources / Warren Musgrave and Onko Kingma 22.Reflecting on three decades: a synthesis / Stephen Dovers.

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