Information Technology and Indigenous Communities

Information Technology and Indigenous Communities Edited Book

  • Author(s): Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Aaron Corn, Cressida Fforde, Kazuko Obata, Sandy O’Sullivan
  • Published: 2013
  • Publisher: Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Islander Studies

Abstract: Contents: Chapter 1 p9 A study of mobile technology in a Cape York community: Its reality today and potential for the future. Laurel Evelyn Dyson and Fiona Brady Chapter 2 p27 The Aboriginal invention of broadband: How Yarnangu are using ICTs in the Ngaanyatjarra Lands of Western Australia. Daniel Featherstone Chapter 3 953 The acquisition of media as cultural practice: Remote Indigenous youth and new digital technologies. Inge Kral Chapter 4 p75 Training for inclusion. Cat Kutay and Kaye Mundine Chapter 5 p89 Culture online. Cat Kutay and Richard Green Chapter 6 p105 ‘We have a Dreaming’: How to translate totemic existential territories through digital tools. Barbara Glowczewski Chapter 7 p127 Teaching from Country: Connecting remote Indigenous knowledge authorities with university students around the world. Michael Christie, Yiŋiya Guyula, Dhäŋgal Gurruwiwi and John Greatorex Chapter 8 p139 Reversing the gaze: Considering Indigenous perspectives on museums, cultural representation and the equivocal digital remnant. Sandy O’Sullivan Chapter 9 p151 The Ara Irititja Project: Past, present, future. Sally Anga Scales, Julia Burke, John Dallwitz, Susan Lowish and Douglas Mann Chapter 10 p171 A digital community project for the recuperation, activation and emergence of Victorian Koorie knowledge, culture and identity. Sharon Huebner Chapter 11 p185 Digital archives and discoverability: Innovating access to the Strehlow collection. Michael Cawthorn and Hart Cohen Chapter 12 p197 Discovering the earliest shadows: A Yolŋu-led approach to managing community access to archived cultural resources. Joseph Gumbula, Aaron Corn and Julia Mant Chapter 13 p207 Photographic legacies: Missionaries and anthropologists in Arnhem Land. Julia Mant Chapter 14 p219 Trove: A new information destination for all Australians. Debbie Campbell Chapter 15 p227 Crashes along the superhighway: The information continuum. Robyn Sloggett and Lyndon Ormond-Parker Chapter 16 p247 Building the National Recording Project for Indigenous Performance in Australia: Five years on…..Aaron Corn

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Lyndon Ormond-Parker, Aaron Corn, Cressida Fforde, Kazuko Obata, Sandy O’Sullivan, 2013, Information Technology and Indigenous Communities, Edited Book, viewed 21 February 2024,

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