Housing and social cohesion: an empirical exploration

Housing and social cohesion: an empirical exploration Report

  • Author(s): Stone, W., Hulse, K.
  • Published: 2007
  • Publisher: Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute, Swinburne-Monash Research Centre
  • ISBN: AHURI Final Report No. 100

Abstract: Housing policy debate in Australia makes reference, sometimes implicitly, to ideas about social cohesion, for example, as a rationale for renewing or redeveloping older style public housing estates. There is limited evidence, however, about whether, and how, housing systems are related to social cohesion, and in particular in what ways government housing policies and programs might be related to social cohesion through their capacity to influence the type and tenure of housing occupied by households and the areas in which this housing is located. This is the Final Report of an AHURI research project which aims to inform discussion of these issues. It develops an understanding of social cohesion as a public policy concept, reports on empirical analysis which explored the links between housing, housing assistance and social cohesion, and reflects on the implications of the research findings for housing policy in Australia.

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