Honour Among Nations? Treaties and Agreements with Indigenous People

Honour Among Nations? Treaties and Agreements with Indigenous People Book

  • Author(s): Langton, M., Tehan, M., Palmer, L., Shain, K.
  • Published: 2004
  • Publisher: Melbourne University Press
  • ISBN: 0522851320 (e-book) 0522851061 (pbk.)

Abstract: Emerging from the growing interest in studying the relationship between indigenous peoples, and governments, and other indigenous groups, this collection of essays explores academic and public policy covering indigenous treaties. A comprehensive analysis, the included topics are as diverse as treaty making in New Zealand and British Columbia; land, the law, amd political rights for indigenous peoples; maritime agreements; Torres Strait Islander self-government; race discrimination in Australia; the Timor Sea Treaty; and copyright and intellectual property issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander authors. This valuable reference includes contributions from Marcia Langton, Gillian Triggs, Joe Williams, and Noel Pearson. Contents Contents: Indigenous agreement making and governance: historical overview Recognition and resolution in treaty making in settler states Negotiating beyond native title The opportunities and constraints of agreement making.

Notes: This title is a collection of essays on treaties and agreements with Indigenous People. It is an important contribution to international debates on Indigenous peoples' rights. The contributions in 'Honour Among Nations?' describe and analyse a diversity of treaty and agreement-making instances between Indigenous peoples and others in settler states. Drawing on a variety of academic disciplines, legal jurisdictions and contexts, the collection provides a comprehensive overview for readers interested in learning more about new directions in treaties, agreement making and Indigenous public policy and aspirations in settler states. The scope of the collection includes recent cases and historical analyses of past events. The main body of the collection consists of nineteen critical chapters grouped into four main sections. In addition, there is a general critical introduction, and four brief introductions that contextualise each of the volume's sections.

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