Handbook of Rural Studies

Handbook of Rural Studies Edited Book

  • Author(s): Cloke, P., Marsden, T., Mooney, P.
  • Published: 2006
  • Publisher: Sage
  • ISBN: 9780761973324 076197332X (hbk.)

Abstract: The Handbook represents the vitality and theoretical innovation at work in rural studies. It shows how political economy and the 'cultural turn' have led to very significant new thinking in the cultural representations of: rurality; nature; sustainability; new economies; power and rurality; new consumerism; and exclusion and rurality. It is organized in three sections: approaches to rural studies; rural research: key theoretical co-ordinates and new rural relations. Contents 1. Pathways in the sociology of rural knowledge / Terry Marsden 2. Conceptualizing rurality / Paul Cloke 3. Reconfiguring rural resource governance : the legacy of neo-liberalism in Australia / Stewart Lockie, Geoffrey Lawrence and Lynda Cheshire 4. Rural space : constructing a three-fold architecture / Keith Halfacree 5. Rural society / Ruth Panelli 6. Rural economies / Matteo B. Marini and Patrick H. Mooney 7. Rural policy and planning / Mark B. Lapping 8. Landscapes of desires? / E. Melanie DuPuis 9. Idyllic ruralities / Brian Short 10. Variations on the rural idyll / David Bell 11. Constructing rural natures / Noel Castree and Bruce Braun 12. Networking rurality : emergent complexity in the countryside / Jonathan Murdoch 13. Non-human rural studies / Owain Jones 14. The road towards sustainable rural development : issues of theory, policy and practice in a European context / Terry Marsden 15. Sustaining the unsustainable : agro-food systems and environment in the modern world / Frederick H. Buttel 16. Social forestry : exploring the social contexts of forests and forestry in rural areas / Paul Milbourne, Lawrence Kitchen and Kieron Stanley 17. Commodification : re-resourcing rural areas / Harvey C. Perkins 18. Agricultural production in crisis / Jan Douwe van der Ploeg 19. Neo-endogenous rural development in the EU / Christopher Ray 20. Global capital and the transformation of rural communities / Thomas A. Lyson 21. Regulating rurality? : rural studies and the regulation approach / Mark Goodwin 22. The state and rural polity / Alessandro Bonanno 23. The rural household as a consumption site / Sonya Salamon 24. Consumption culture : the case of food / Mara Miele 25. Tourism, consumption and rurality / David Crouch 26. Gender and sexuality in rural communities / Jo Little 27. Rurality and racialized others : out of place in the countryside / Paul Cloke 28. Rural change and the production of otherness : the elderly in New Zealand / A. I. (Lex) Chalmers and Alun E. Joseph 29. Inclusions/exclusions in rural space / David Sibley 30. Rural poverty / Ann R. Tickamyer 31. Rural housing and homelessness / Paul Milbourne 32. Rurality and otherness / Paul Cloke 33. Political articulation : the modalities of new critical politics of rural citizenship / Michael Woods 34. New rural social movements and agroecology / Eduardo Sevilla Guzman and Joan Martinez-Alier 35. Performing rurality / Tim Edensor.

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