Grey nomads with diabetes on the road

Grey nomads with diabetes on the road Conference Paper

Australian Diabetes Congress 2021

  • Author(s): De Bellis, Anita, Hill, Pauline, McCloud, Christine, Abigail, Wendy, Giles, Jane, Apolloni, Marc
  • Published: 2021

Abstract: Aims: The aim of this study was to explore the experiences and perspectives of grey nomads with diabetes and their self management whilst travelling in rural and remote Australia. As the baby boomers retire this cohort of grey nomads is increasing. Previous research with rural and remote diabetes educators in South Australia identified issues with diabetes management for these travellers including a lack of preparation such as understanding the services available in rural and remote regions. Methods: An exploratory online survey of grey nomads was undertaken in 2020 to 2021. The research was advertised on several grey nomad social media sites inviting those with diabetes to complete the survey. Questions sourced demographic and diabetes information, as well as closed and open ended questions regarding travel preparation, self management strategies, and problems experienced whilst on the road. Results: A total of 103 grey nomads with diabetes aged over 50 years undertook the survey. Most respondents had type 2 diabetes and co-morbidities were common. Results focussed on their planning prior to travel, self management whilst travelling, access to healthcare services, use of healthcare summaries and action plans, medical emergencies, and the impact of COVID-19 and natural disasters. Many of the respondents managed their diabetes well with pre planning and knowledge of their self management strategies. Conclusions: An outcome of the research is to develop a checklist for travellers with diabetes, general practitioners, and diabetes educators to use in preparation for clients planning rural and remote travel. Further policy development is required in the areas of a universal health record for access by healthcare professionals and telehealth services.

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De Bellis, Anita, Hill, Pauline, McCloud, Christine, Abigail, Wendy, Giles, Jane, Apolloni, Marc, 2021, Grey nomads with diabetes on the road, Conference Paper, viewed 22 October 2021,

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