Fly-in/Fly-out: Implications for Community Sustainability

Fly-in/Fly-out: Implications for Community Sustainability Journal Article


  • Author(s): Storey, K.J.
  • Published: 2010
  • Volume: 2

Abstract: “Fly-in/fly-out” is a form of work organization that has become the standard model for new mining, petroleum and other types of resource development in remote areas. In many places this “no town” model has replaced that of the “new town.” The work system has both beneficial and adverse implications for the sustainability of both existing communities near new resource developments and for the more distant communities from which workers are drawn. This paper explores these outcomes drawing upon examples from North America and Australia.

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Storey, K.J., 2010, Fly-in/Fly-out: Implications for Community Sustainability, Volume:2, Journal Article, viewed 17 August 2022,

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