Expanding rural service delivery through emerging technologies

Expanding rural service delivery through emerging technologies Conference Paper

14th National Rural Health Conference: A World of Rural Health

  • Author(s): Dixon, Karen, Church, Andrea
  • Secondary Author(s): Coleman, Leanne
  • Published: 2017
  • Publisher: National Rural Health Alliance

Abstract: Technology is advancing at an incredible rate with new devices, wearables, gadgets and gizmos coming on to the market every week. Technology provides rural health services with new ways of connecting with country consumers and innovative opportunities in the way we provide health services. Our thinking is changing from everyone who needs a health service coming into a hospital, health centre or clinic and describing our capacity in term s of hospital bed numbers, to considering every person in every household across our rural areas as a potential ‘hospital bed’ —the vision held by the late Dr Peter Chapman, Chief Medical Advisor Country Health SA Local Health Network (CHSA). This paper will describe the key factors necessary for the successful implementation of technology - enabled health services implemented by CHSA in rural South Australia. Examples of technology - based initiatives will be described, highlighting the key impacts, elements necessary for successful implementation and the challenges faced.

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