Essays on regional economic development

Essays on regional economic development Edited Book

  • Author(s): Coombs, Greg
  • Published: 2001
  • Publisher: SA Centre for Economic Studies in association with Wakefield Press
  • ISBN: 1862545391

Abstract: There is no doubt that globalisation is a major external influence on small regions. These essays show how small regions need not be passive players, swept away on the current of change - that there are actions that can be taken to navigate a path and ride the currents to prosperity. Contents 1. Small regional economies / Greg Coombs 2. Contemporary theories of economic growth / Greg Coombs 3. Influences on regional growth: basic factors / Greg Coombs 4. Influences on regional growth: catch up factors / Greg Coombs 5. The economics of innovation / Steve Whetton 6. Cities and towns / Greg Coombs and Rini Budiyanti 7. Endowments / Steve Whetton, Greg Coombs and Rini Budiyanti 8. Human capital / Rini Budiyanti 9. Economic structure / Rini Budiyanti 10. Trade / Anthony Kosturjak 11. Climate, greenhouse policy and regional impact / Greg Coombs and Rini Budiyanti 12. The re-launch of Woomera: a case study / Greg Coombs 13. Globalisation and inter-governmental fiscal transfers to local government / Greg Coombs 14. Economic co-operation / Greg Coombs 15. Advancing the regions.

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