Developing Australia’s regions : theory and practice

Developing Australia’s regions : theory and practice Book

  • Author(s): Beer, Andrew, Maude, Alaric, Pritchard, Bill
  • Published: 2003
  • Publisher: University of New South Wales
  • ISBN: 0868405485

Abstract: This is a book that recognises that regions matter - what takes place in our diverse regions fundamentally determines the nation's quality of life. It delves behind the headlines and speeches and considers the true state of Australia's metropolitan and non-metropolitan regions, and what can be done to improve their economic, social and environmental wellbeing. This practical book draws upon regional development theory, and national and international experience, to set out the principles and strategies that can be used to establish a stronger future for our regions. Contents Contributors ix Preface xi Acknowledgements xiv Acronyms and abbreviations xv CHAPTER 1 An Australia of regions 1 Uneven growth patterns 2 Policy options 9 The goals of this book 12 CHAPTER 2 Defining local and regional development 14 Working for growth 14 Bidding for jobs 21 Lessons from other countries 29 The place of society within economic development 32 Conclusion 35 CHAPTER 3 What is a region and why does it matter? 38 The significance of the region in regional development 39 Types of regions 41 Defining and delimiting regions 51 Conclusion 55 CHAPTER 4 Australia's diveging regions: Causes, 57 outcomes and policy challenges What scale of region? 58 Increasing polarisation, increasing differentiation 67 The roles of capital city and non-metropolitan regions 7 across Australia Challenges for policy 8 CHAPTER 5 Local economic development in resource-based 8 economies The changing role of primary industry in the national 8 economy Primary industries and Australia's, regions 8&​ Measuring the economic flows of primary industries: 9] Input-Output analysis How do primary industries interact with regional economies? 94 Regional purchasing by farm businesses 96 Changing regional interactions: Mining 99 Moving forward: What can regions do? 103 CHAPTER 6 Sunrise industries: Engines of regional growth? 107 The 'old' manufacturing industries 108 Sunrise industries 114 Tourism 115 Producer services 122 Call centres and back offices 126 Advanced manufacturing 128 Regional busiÆiess~strategies 131 Business incubators 132 Business retention and expansion programs 134 Clusters 136 Conclusion 142 CHAPTER 7 The practice of local and regional economic 143 deelopment in Australia The role of economic development agencies 144 The practice of local economic development in Australia 145 'Chasing smokestacks' 159 Conclusion 169 CHAPTER 8 Indigenous peope and Australia's regions 171 Visible and invisible: The regional policy challenge 171 The Aboriginal economy 182 Future issues and'directions 188 CHAPTER 9 Infrastructure and services 192 Economy, government and society 193 Infrastructure 198 The banks and financial services 202 Telecommunications 204 Housing as a determinant of regional growth 208 Conclusion 216 CHAPTER 10 Green regions 218 Sustainable development 218 The environmental sustainability of Australian regional 221 Will protecting the environment damage the economy? 225 What can be done at the regional level? 232 Who should be responsible for sustainable regional 234 development? What are the barriers to achieving environmental 237 sustainability at the regional level? Developing and implementing a regional sustainable 243 development strategy Conclusion 245 CHAPTER 11 A local and regional development policy 246 for Australia Scenario 1 Australia's regions in an unfettered market 248 Scenario 2 Systematic planning for local and regional 253 development Scenario 3 An entrepreneurial model of economic 257 Governments, regions and communities 260 Conclusion 262

Caption: Book loaned from Fiona

Notes: Andrew Beer, Alaric Maude and Bill Pritchard. Includes index. Includes bibliographical references.

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