Cultural Tourism: The Partnership Between Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management

Cultural Tourism: The Partnership Between Tourism and Cultural Heritage Management Book

  • Author(s): McKercher, B., du Cros, H.
  • Published: 2002
  • Publisher: The Haworth Hospitality Press
  • ISBN: 0789011050 (hbk.) 0789011069 (pbk.)

Abstract: Unique in concept and content, this book examines the relationship between the sectors that represent opposite sides of the cultural tourism coin. While tourism professionals assess cultural assets for their profit potential, cultural heritage professionals judge the same assets for their intrinsic value. Sustainable cultural tourism can only occur when the two sides form a true partnership based on understanding and appreciation of each other's merits. The authors - one, a tourism specialist, the other, a cultural heritage management expert - present a model for a working partnership with mutual benefits, integrating management theory and practice from both disciplines.The book combines the different perspectives of tourism management and cultural heritage management. It examines the role of tangible (physical evidence of culture) and intangible (continuing cultural practices, knowledge, and living experiences) heritage, describes the differences between cultural tourism products and cultural heritage assets, and develops a number of conceptual models, including a classification system for cultural tourists, indicators of tourism potential at cultural and heritage assets, and assessment criteria for cultural and heritage assets with tourism potential. Ö. Contents Ch. 1. Introduction Ch. 2. Challenges in Achieving Sustainable Cultural Tourism Ch. 3. How Tourism Works Ch. 4. Cultural Heritage Management Ch. 5. Tangible Heritage Ch. 6. Intangible Heritage and Its Management Ch. 7. Cultural Tourism Products - A Regional Perspective Ch. 8. Commodification, Environmental Bubbles, and Cultural Tourism Products Ch. 9. The Cultural Tourism Market: A Cultural Tourism Typology Ch. 10. Gatekeepers Ch. 11. Assessment Ch. 12. Asset Auditing and Planning Ch. 13. Marketing Ch. 14. Presentation and Management of Heritage Assets.

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