Community Recovery and Survival in a Boom and Bust Economy

Community Recovery and Survival in a Boom and Bust Economy Conference Paper

SEGRA - Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia

  • Author(s): Fiona Haslam McKenzie
  • Published: 2009

Abstract: The State of Western Australia is one of the most productive and diversified mineral and petroleum regions in the world (The Chamber of Minerals and Energy of Western Australia, 2009). It is the powerhouse of the resources industry not only in Australia, but for the Asia-Pacific region as a whole (Acil Tasman, 2009). However, the resources sector has a long history of boom and bust cycles, reflecting its exposure to international markets and fluctuations in demand and supply. This paper will review three communities in three different Western Australian regions which have experienced industry withdrawals and contractions over a twenty five year period. Two towns have subsequently revived and successfully reinvented themselves while the third is still recovering from a recent substantial industry shut down. This paper will describe how each town responded, the timelines for recovery and the strategies developed which assisted in each community’s subsequent revival. Common themes and useful lessons will be identified.

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