Community engagement integral to pharmacy success in remote community

Community engagement integral to pharmacy success in remote community Conference Paper

12th National Rural Health Conference: Strong Commitment Bright Future

  • Author(s): Lynn Short
  • Published: 2013

Abstract: The aim of the presentation is to showcase a positive remote location workforce story focusing on the role of community engagement in the provision of health care. The presentation will spotlight how living in a remote location provides an opportunity to fine tune skills such as resourcefulness, teamwork, and flexibility due to the unique set of issues living in an isolated community. Similarly, there are common health care themes that resonate with allied health professionals across localities, whether it be about medicines literacy or managing chronic disease. The presenter, Lynn Short, will provide an overview of key elements required to enable ongoing responsiveness to community needs. Adopting a strengths-based approach, the pharmacy team seize issues enthusiastically as opportunities, motivated by the desire to integrate community engagement philosophies into the working culture and practice of their community pharmacy. The presentation will provide examples of how community pharmacy engages with community members. The presentation will illustrate that working locally through to the national level has benefited the community through increased health care services and health workforce development opportunities.

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