Collective Impact: A Literature Review

Collective Impact: A Literature Review Report

  • Author(s): Rodrigues, Maria, Fisher, Steve
  • Tertiary Author(s): Ninti One Limited
  • Published: 2017

Abstract: This literature review has been conducted by Community Works to inform the strategic framework that is being developed by Ninti One to design and implement the Stronger Communities for Children (SCfC) program in ten remote communities in the Northern Territory from 2018. An evaluation conducted in 2017 found that the concept of collective impact was both appropriate and useful for shaping design and delivery of SCfC: The place based economic development and the development of social capital creating stronger, cohesive communities supported collective impact as appropriate elements of the SCfC to make it work. (p. 18). Specifically, the evaluation recommended that Local Community Boards (LCBs): Focus on the concept of collective impact and draw in as much advice and guidance from as many sources as possible to make informed decisions on “how” it will be done to best achieve better outcomes (p. 27). The purpose of this literature review is to assist Ninti One in considering how the Collective Impact (CI) framework can best be used in their work with remote communities. In particular, the literature review aims to help Ninti One learn from the experience of other organisations that have applied this framework to programs directed towards giving children the best start in life. To this purpose, the review presents: »» An overview of CI, including definitions of key terms and concepts (Section 2) »» A set of ‘key ingredients’ essential to effective application of the framework (Section 3) »» Examples and case studies of how CI has been used by other organisations (Section 4) »» A summary of key learning points that can be drawn from the case studies (Section 5) »» Discussion of how these key learning points may apply to the contexts of SCfC in remote communities (Section 6)

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